Hookedblog recently shared a selection of large scale monochromatic works by Brooklyn based street artist Pyramid Oracle (Previously on Hookedblog). The artist was in London ahead of his solo show “Oculus” at the BSMT Space in Dalston and installed a series of large scale wheatpasted works up around Brick Lane. His Oculus show at BSMT space has since closed but you can still catch the artists work on the streets of East London.

Since sharing the street artists London work we have discovered some addition wheatpasted works on our travels around Shoreditch. As with the previous pasteups these additional works are for the most part monochromatic, all hand painted and again pretty large in scale.

Check out the series of works below and should you find yourself in the neighbourhood go and have a look for yourself, we have shared the street locations of these works for you to find.


The passing figure gives you an idea of just how large these Pyramid Oracle pastes ups are, this old lady piece can be found on Calvin Street not far from Shoreditch Overground Station.


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Pyramid_Oracle_ Minotaur_HOOKEDBLOG_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEY

Again another large scale handpainted piece from Pyramid Oracle, this Minotaur can be found terrorising people on Buxton Street.


One of the only Pyramid Oracle street works to contain a splash of colour. This work can be seen on Brick Lane just past Fournier Street.

Should you want to see some additional works from Pyramid Oracle you can check out our previous post featuring his other London street art works here: "Pyramid Oracle's magnificent monochromatic works on the street."

Pyramid Oracle on Instagram — @Pyramidoracle

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