Hookedblog were recently introduced in person to New York based street artist Pyramid Oracle while we were attending the first edition of The Art Conference (Previously On Hookedblog) last month. The artist was back in London visiting and making preparations ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition here in East London.

We became aware of Pyramid Oracle's monochromatic works last year when he also spent some time here in London installing a number of magnificent large scale hand-painted pasteups around London. The sheer scale and style of these works really grabbed our attention on his last visit and having documented the works we saw on the streets we featured a selection of these on the blog (Previously on Hookedblog).

A small few of the artists smaller works from that visit can still be around Shoreditch and along Hackney Road. For us it was refreshing to have discovered Pyramid Oracle's  work on the streets for the first time rather than online via Instagram. We were not aware of the artists work prior to us finding the large street art works that went up across London.


This smoking man pasteup by Pyramid Oracle sits perfectly in this location which can be found on the popular London street art hotspot of Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane, London.


The passing figure gives you an idea of the scale of these Pyramid Oracle pastes ups, this impressive wolf piece can be found on Osborn Street not far from Whitechapel Underground station.


Close up of some of the hand painted details in this large scale wolf pasteup.

For his upcoming exhibition titled “Oculus”, taking place at contemporary project space BSMT in Dalston, the artist will showcase "a collection of intricate and symbolic works that examine the dimensions of human spirit, and the complex world that it inhabits".

"In a world where everything is recycled... nothing is new under the sun. With all things constantly being repurposed there is no originality. Only paths that are authentic. 

By exploring the metaphysical, it seeks to capture the often imperceptible geometric systems that permeate through all of nature. And revisit venerable means of understanding the great mysterious architecture of the universe." 

Exhibition Details

Join the artist and BSMT Space for the Private Viewing on the 18th August from 6pm. To attending the evening RSVP to: info@bsmt.co.uk. The exhibition will run until the 24th August 2016.

BSMT Space is located  on Stoke Newington Road just a short 6 minute walk from Dalston Junction Overground Station or Dalston Kingsland Stations.

Open daily 12-7pm (Monday by appointment only).
BSMT Space, 5D Stoke Newington Road, London, N168BH

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