For those of you following Hookedblog on some of our social channels be it Instagram / Facebook or Twitter you will have seen us sharing various images featuring the work of Mexican born London based artist Villainaart aka Victoria Villasana.

The artist has been posting a wonderful series of pasted up images and posters on the streets to which she has included elements of colored yarn. 

We will be featuring some of these street pieces on the site soon but first, we wanted to share this fun collaborative piece she has produced with Colombian street artist Stinkfish (Previously on Hookedblog). The work is installed on Red Church Street with Stinkfish providing the image which Villains have worked on with various coloured yarns woven into the poster. 

What with the strong colour selection and the unexpected addition of the yarn you can't help but notice this work and should you be lucky to discover it on a windy day you are in for a treat as the wind takes hold of the yarn!


The full collaborative work from the two artists.

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