Hookedblog took a stroll around Brick Lane this afternoon with our camera and bumped into South American street artist Cranio. Turns out the artist in back in London after his recent visit to Barcelona which saw him collaborate on some fun murals with Spanish street artist PEZ.

With a few days left in London before Cranio returns to São Paulo, Brazil, the artist is taking the opportunity to repaint this side street wall just off Brick Lane which previously featured one Cranio's first London murals nearly a year ago (covered here). Attracting a large crowd of onlookers as well as some of the regular Brick Lane characters, the artist managed to make a good start on this new mural before the rain stopped work. Check back with soon when we will bring you some pictures of the finished mural.

Check out our second blog post featuring images of the finished Cranio mural. You can see our coverage here.


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