With the temperature drastically dropping and the light fading fast, winter is almost upon us here in London. But it would appear no-one thought to inform this half naked tribe from South American we spotted this afternoon on Pedley Street, just off Brick Lane.

The tribe is the work of Fabio Oliveira, better known to most of us as Cranio, a graffiti/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. We have been big fans of the artists signature blue indigenous people for a number of years now, but like most of you I'm sure we have only every seen his work online so it was really cool to finally experience his work up close and in person with the added bonus that it is in London!

Cranio Cranio Cranio Cranio Cranio Cranio

We spoke briefly to Cranio about his work, his english is as good as our Portuguese! But we did learn that the guys from Zero Cool Gallery have teamed up with Red Bull to bring Cranio to London for his first UK solo show 'Lost in London' which is set to open Thursday, 15 November 2012..

Cranio The weekend saw an addition to the Cranio wall in the form a text message! Cranio & ANON!
Red Bull Studios - Tooley Street - London. Show runs until the the 19th November

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