Hookedblog caught up with South American street artist Cranio last week at work on a new mural (covered here) located on Pedley Street, just off Brick Lane in East London. We checked out the finished mural over the weekend which features a group of the artist signature blue indigenous indians. This newest mural from Cranio was his last London mural of this trip before heading back to São Paulo, Brazil.

The artist has had a very productive trip on this visit having painted severals walls, murals and roof tops(covered here) while in London, Liverpool as well as in Barcelona. Cranio held a one night only, sold out exhibition with Fun Factory, which saw the release of the hand finished editions the artist was working on during his time in Europe.

This trip also saw Cranio working in collaboration with of number of other artists including, PEZ, HIN, Alex Senna(covered here) and Might Mo (covered here). Cranio is now home in São Paulo, but has certain made an impression, leaving us with some fun pieces to enjoy around East London.


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