Sleeping Giant London Mural by Street Artist Alex Senna

The latest South American street artist to be invited to London by street art collective Pigment London and hit up some walls out East is São Paulo street artist Alex Senna. 
Art collective Pigment London has been working with emerging Brazilian street artists and inviting them over to Europe to exhibit works and to paint and showcase their works on the streets of London.

We have previously seen Pigment London working with graffiti artists Sliks (covered here) and Brazilian street artist Rodrigo Branco both of whom have left their mark on the city streets.

Alex Senna London Street Art

Alex Senna has been painting non-stop since his arrival in London via Tilburg in Holland and you may have already spotted some of the artists' signature Black and White murals or bird tags. 

Hookedblog caught up with Alex yesterday evening as he was completing work on his largest London mural to date. 

Taking three days to complete this huge black and white sleeping character is to be found on the side of a quiet back street under the Docklands Light Rail tracks near East India station. 

Working alongside the artist over the last two days was fellow South American Cranio who is also in London (covered here). Cranio has yet to finish his sleeping character mural, so be sure to check back with us soon for photos.

Sleeping Giant London Mural by Street Artist Alex Senna

Alex Senna takes a nap in front of his finished mural in London.

Sleeping Giant London Mural by Street Artist Alex Senna

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