South American street artists Sliks & Bailon work on a mural on Great Eastern Street, London.

The South American invasion of Shoreditch continues as another artist hits the city, Hookedblog recently hung out with São Paulo artists Sliks & Bailon in East London.

South American street artists Sliks & Bailon work on a mural on Great Eastern Street, London.

Bailon has been living in London for about a year and has been making some noise recently haven taken to the streets again and shared a number of vibrant new murals with the city. Some of our readers might have seen the artists previous work 'Big Love' painted earlier in the year on the four panels of the Shoreditch Art Wall on Great Eastern Street and more recently he collaborated on the hoarding on Grimsby Street with Nylon, Word To Mother and fellow South American Rodrigo Branco.

Bailon at Work Sliks At Work

For artists Sliks this is his first visit to London and on this occasion it was the first time in several years that the two friends had painted together on a wall. The duo worked across the four panels over two days to produce this visually stunning collaborative wall showcasing both the artists distinct styles.

Sliks is the second visiting South American artist who has been invited to London by Pigment London, a new project run by a duo who aim to showcase and work with emerging brazilian artists. We have already featured the work of Rodrigo Branco (Previously on Hookedblog) who was also invited over by the team at Pigment London. We have been really enjoying seeing these artists at work and the techniques they use, we look forward to seeing who they have visiting next!

Sliks at Work Bailon _MG_1313_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney

Below is the completed mural located on Great Eastern Street. If you are in the be sure and check it in person as unfortunatly it is set to be painted over on the 24 June 2013, so catch it will you can.

Sliks & Bailon

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