Rodrigo Branco mural in London

Rodrigo Branco

There has been a recent wave of South American street artists painting across East London in the last month or so. The increased number is in part the work of newly launched site Pigment London a project run by a duo who aim to showcase and work with emerging brazilian artists. Part of this will see them bring a number of the artists they are working with to Europe for exhibitions and to paint the streets. And what with one of the founders of Pigment London, Anselmo Martins Dutra based here in London, we can expect to see a lot more South American artists hitting the streets with some quality work in the coming weeks.

Rodrigo Branco Rodrigo Branco

The first of Pigment London's artists has already been in town and we caught up with the Sao Paulo artist Rodrigo Branco while he was working on this beautiful mural on Grimsby Street just off Brick Lane. Working with a combination of spray paint, rollers and emulsion we really enjoyed watching the artist and his process in creating the mural. Have a look at some of our progress shots as well as the finished mural below.

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