Sleeping Giant London Mural by Street Artist Alex Senna

The summer of 2013 / 2014 saw an influx of South American street artists into London thanks in part to the work of art collective Pigment London. 

Based here in London Pigment has been working with emerging Brazilian artists and inviting them over to Europe to exhibit works in galleries as well paint some mural works on the streets.

Alex Senna London Street Art

One such artist invited over by Pigment was São Paulo street artist Alex Senna. Traveling to London via Holland Senna took to the streets on his arrival painting several large murals across the city during his time in London. 

We previously featured one of the artists' murals on the site and in fact, The Sleeping Giant Mural (Previously on Hookedblog) next to East India Station was one of his largest works painted while he was in town.

Alongside the murals, a number of roller shutters were painted including one with fellow South American street artist Cranio (Previously on Hookedblog) which can still be seen on Petticoat Lane Market in East London.

Following Alex Senna's London visit, he journeyed across Europe with Pigment taking in five other cities painting all along the way. Jump forward to 2016 and Pigment and Alex Senna has just released this short film titled 'A Journey Through Dreams' documenting their European painting adventures filmed by Bruno Fera Credidio. Check out the film below.


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