Street Art collaborative piece from Sweet Toof and Nylon.

Awesome street art collection from the streets of East London as photographed by Hookedblog.

London Street Art

Wow, it looks like January was the last time we posted a photographic round-up of what's been grabbing our attention here at Hookedblog on the streets of East London.

What with the unseasonably warm weather London has been having over the last few days our camera has been kept super busy as many street artists appear to be venturing outside and back onto the streets, so here is our long overdue photographic selection of London Street Art.

PEZ in London

Spanish artist PEZ in London

Spanish-based artist PEZ rocked into London over the weekend and has been hitting the streets with his iconic smiling fish characters which he has been adorning walls with since 1999.

We have previously featured the large wall PEZ wall completed in Hackney and we expect we will be seeing more from the artist in the coming weeks while he is in town.

_MG_8529©2012 mark rigney

Artists Sweet Toof & Penfold

East London street artist Sweet Toof has been hitting the streets hard recently with some large-scale pieces as well as a number of collaborative shutters and walls with other artists.

Yesterday saw Sweet Toof team up with Mr. Nylon on the shutter piece pictured up top. He also dropped this colorful piece above on Hackney Road with Mr.Penfold and Australian street artist Numskull.

We have yet to grab some pictures but our friend and fellow photographer João Retorta caught up with Sweet Toof over the weekend and photographed some large-scale roller action from the artist in Dalston alongside Mr.Nylon and Dscreet. Have a look here.

Mr. Hin

Artist Mr. Hin

Some fun collaged paste-ups from London-based street artist Mr. Hin, this piece is located on Bacon Street just off Brick Lane.


London stencil artist DON

London-based stencil artist Don has been very active since January with multiple pieces from the artist to be found around Redchurch Street, Hanbury Street as well as the Southbank skate park.

_MG_8375©2012 mark rigney

Artists David Walker x SheOne collaborated on this mural earlier in the month and it can still be seen on Pedley Street, just off Brick Lane, London

_MG_9442©2012 mark rigney

Irish artist FinDAC

London-based Irish street artist FinDAC has painted one of his signature ladies on the very popular street art hotspot on Hanbury Street just of East London's Brick Lane.

_MG_9594©2012 mark rigney

Hackney Wick artist Mobstr

London street artist Mobstr continues with his large-scale illegal billboard takeovers across London with a new billboard featuring one of his text pieces with the message HUH? The takeover piece is on Hackney Road, London.

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