No trip to New York City would be complete without checking out some of the city's iconic NYC graffiti and street art. 

Street art in New York

We at Hookedblog have pounded the streets of Brooklyn which is considered one of the New York hot spots for NY Street art and graffiti on our recent trip to the city to bring you this photographic collection of some of the street artworks we found on our adventures. Having followed many of the New York street artists online for a number of years via social media, it's always so much fun to discover the works in person on the city's streets.

Below is the first of two sets of New York Street art photos from our time in the big apple, more to follow.

New York Street Art with street artist BAST

New York street artist BAST, with some single-layer stencil work in Brooklyn New York.

New York Street Art with artist BAST

More from New York street artist BAST, again with the single-layer stencil works spray painted over old metal doors in Brooklyn New York.

Belgian street artist Roa rat mural in Williamsburg New York

Still hanging in there, some rooftop mural work from Belgian street artist ROA is just about visible in Williamsburg, New York.

Belgian street artist ROA rabbit mural in Williamsburg New York

Another beautiful black and white mural in Williamsburg New York painted by Belgian street artist ROA, who is known for his large-scale animal murals painted across the globe.

UK Street Art Sweet Toof Roller Shutters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York

London resident and frequent visitor to New York, street and graffiti artist Sweet Toof's work is pictured here on this shutter in Williamsburg, New York.

Williamsburg Street Art wall of various artists

Hand painted New York Street Art in Brooklyn

New York Street Art posters

Vibrant New York Street Art by artist Dain

New York Street Art Cowboy Skull Mural

New York Street Art

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