Bushwick Street Art Tour : Mural by Yok and Sheryo

New York — Hookedblog is currently traveling in New York and is in town for a number of days on a short break. Earlier in the week, we stopped by the Coney Art Walls Project (Previously on Hookedblog) in Coney Island to see some of the 2016 additions to this outdoor mural project.

We also headed over to Bushwick in Brooklyn to visit the neighborhood and see some of the new New York graffiti and street artwork that was freshly painted over the weekend. 

Our timing kinda sucked as we just missed The Bushwick Collectives' annual block party by a few hours arriving in town as the party was winding down.  But on the plus side, it means there are some super fresh new murals for us to check out and share with you.

Bushwick Street Art Tour

We briefly stopped by this part of town last year and almost missed our flight as we got carried away shooting some of the larger-scale works alongside the stencils and paste-ups by New York street artists AIKO, Faile, Bast, and Swoon. We had to cut our visit short at the risk of missing our flight so today we made sure to visit Bushwick first and give us time to discover some of the street art and graffiti gems in this New York neighborhood.

Having made a promise to show us around last year if we were ever in town, we hit up Bushwick resident and fellow street art photographer Daniel Weintraub or Halopigg as he is better known to most on Instagram.

As a New York local, he knows the ins and outs of the Brooklyn neighborhood, and who better to show us around us the hood! 

We hit the streets checking out some of the new street artworks as well as some of the large-scale murals that went up over the last year. We spent a few hours strolling around the surrounding blocks checking out the work before breaking in the afternoon for some New York pizza and beers at Weintraub's goto pizza spot a place called Archie's.

Bushwick Street Art Tour : Mural by Yok and Sheryo

Were in Brooklyn so of course, we gotta start with a pizza slice mural featuring the work of New York-based street artists The Yok and Sheryo in Brooklyn.


Always great to catch one of New York graffiti artists REVS sculptural works outdoors on the street. These typographic sculptures are often welded or bolted to the outsides of buildings and can be difficult to spot. Also pictured below the REVS piece is a small Stikman sticker.


A collaborative mural featuring the work of New York street artist RAE and Sacred Youth on the exterior of the neighborhood paint shop Low Brow Artique.


Pattern work from NY street artist Hellbent.


Irish mural artist Fin Dac's B-Girl Mural.

  ArtIsTrash_HOOKEDBLOG_8904_PHOTO_©2016_MARK_RIGNEYSpanish street artist Art Is Trash

  Bushwick Street Art Tour : Mural by street artist NDA

Mural work by American artist street artist NDA in Bushwick. We had previously seen the artist's paste-up and adbusting works when we caught up with him in Stavanger, Norway while attending the annual NuArt Festival. Hit the link below to see some additional work from this artist.




Bushwick Street Art Tour : Swoon Paste up

It's always a joy to catch these beautiful large-scale street art paste-ups by New York artist Swoon on the street, I am sure this piece has been here for a few years now and is still looking great.

We will continue to update this post with some additional work once we have some more time to upload the pictures as always difficult to find the time when you are traveling, but for now, we hope you enjoyed this little taster of Bushwick's street art neighborhood tour. 

Shout out to Halopigg for showing us his New York neighborhood.

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