It's no secret that we are big fans of the work of Brooklyn-based artist Swoon. We have featured her work on the site on a number of occasions most recently posting images of the large-scale paste-up Swoon work (Previously on Hookedblog) close to Columbia Road, London that despite getting tagged up is still for the most part visible.

Swoon's New York Street Art

While we have been in New York we were hoping to stumble across some of Swoon's life-size wheatpaste street artworks even if they were her older pieces as her work in this city tends to run a lot longer than in London and as such, they begin to get weather by the elements and change as the paper breaks up. 

Luck was on our side and not only did we discover one of her long-running Bushwick pieces we were fortunate enough to find an additional four large-scale pieces by this artist while we were hanging out in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Some of these pieces were new images and works we have not seen before, have a look at our selection of images below.



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Close up of the above piece.






An older Swoon work from a few years ago that is still run in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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