At the end of September we stumbled upon a beautiful life-sized woodblock wheat-pasted poster from Brooklyn based artist Swoon (covered here). Shortly after posting about the new piece we left for the Avant-Garde Urbano festival in Spain and assumed as Swoon was obviously in London we would possibly see more street work from her while she was in town. We returned from Europe a week later to find a number of emails and messages from people asking us for the street location of the new pieces but no sign of any additional pieces. So we figured that was all she had time for, that was until we discovered this beauty hidden away in a small side street in Hackney yesterday afternoon.

The scale of this piece is on par with the other life-sized woodblock but this piece sees Swoon step it up with not one but three separate layers of paper pasted onto the wall making up this elaborate piece. The main image is a woodblock cut-out paste-up, as is the lower section of the piece. These have been pasted up and over the delicately cut black paper layer featuring the dancing skeleton like figures. How she managed to get this fragile piece onto the wall in one piece is beyond us, but we always welcome the addition of new Swoon pieces to the London Streets especially when they are as exceptional as this one.


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