During our NY visit, most of which was spent in Brooklyn, we finally got the opportunity to go and visit the Brooklynite Gallery space. We jumped on the A train and headed out to Utica Ave to check out what they were upto. With our departure date coinciding with the opening night of Elik's show, the guys at Brooklynite and the artist Elik were kind enough to let us visit their space as they were setting up for the Snake Bite show. While we have to admit that we weren't aware of Elik before the gallery announced the show on their website, we did spot quite a number of rooftop roller tags and throw-ups by the artist while we were in Brooklyn.

Plus, it turns out that Elik took some time out from the artworld or as Brooklynite put it "Elik made like a person on the side of a milk carton and vanished from the New York art scene'. I guess this might be one of the reasons we were unaware of the artists work as his disapperance in 2005 was about the time we started the Hookedblog. But it looks like the artist is back with a bang, and a new body of work created for the Snake Bite exhibition. When we called over the artist was still working on the site specific installation within the gallery but we did get to see many of the beautifully executed collage pieces and large canvas work the artist had created for the show. The collage pieces comprised of appropriated images and text were among our favorites at the show. Check some of the pictures we took in our flickr slideshow below.

Thanks to Elik and Brooklynite Gallery for having us, if you are in New York go see the show, it is open for another three days until the 4th June. If you are unable to made it you can still see all of the Elik work on the Brooklynite Galley website.

Brooklynite Gallery | 334 Malcolm X Blvd. | Brooklyn| New York 11233.

The gallery is open Thursday thru Saturday from 1pm – 7pm or by appointment and are located 2 blocks from the A or C subway to Utica Ave. stop.