Belgian Street Artist Roa's animal murals in London and Brighton.

Anyone visiting East London recently can't have missed the large scale animal murals that have appeared on various walls around Shoreditch and Brick Lane, all in the space of a week.

ROA Street Art in London & Brighton

The new London street art murals are the work of visiting Belgium street artist Roa who was in town as part of the Zoo exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery which finished this week. The Gallery has shared some photographs online from the Zoo exhibition up on their website which you can check here. Plus there are also lots of other great images of Roa's London work on flickr.

Belgian Street Artist Roa's animal murals in London and Brighton.

While in the UK for the Zoo show, Roa not only painted some murals in London but he also made a trip to Brighton. We headed down to the coast over the weekend and managed to track down the mural work Roa had created in Prescription Arts temporary home in The Old Music Library on Church Street, Brighton.

The awesome Brighton street art piece pictured was painted outside at the back of the space and was one of four large pieces painted in the Gallery. Roa also created some indoor work for the gallery space, photos of this work had previously been shared on the gallery website but have since been removed.

RJ from Vandalog has also put together this time lapse of Roa street art as he was painting one of his East London walls

Expect to see more from Roa as a possible solo London show is in the works.

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