New Dan Kitchener Street Art in Brick Lane

Dan Kitchener Street Art in Brick Lane, close up detail

While on a mission to find a cup of coffee in Shoreditch on the 1st of January ( not such an easy task considering the volume of coffee shops in the neighborhood) back at the start of 2019, we ran into Essex based street artist Dan Kitchener aka DANK.

While most of London and the UK were still tucked up in bed or nursing a post-New Years Eve hangover, Kitchener was kickstarting his new year with a bang taking advantage of the quiet roads and streets and traveled into East London to make a start on his first mural of the year.

We, of course, had our camera with us and managed to capture some images of Kitchener working on the large mural piece just off Brick Lane on the ever-changing feature wall of the Kinkao Korean restaurant that runs along the path leading to the Allen Gardens. 

street artist dan kitcheners at work on his new ghost cities mural

Artist Dan Kitchener at work on his mural titled "Ghost Cities" at the start of 2019.

Street Artist Dan Kitchener new London mural

Dan Kitchener aka DANK 2020 Mural

It would appear Kitchener has once again started the new year with another large mural, returning to East London on New Years Day to paint something new on the same wall as his Ghost Cities mural painted back at the start of 2019.

 Speaking about the new mural Kitchener has said; "I really wanted to spend the day painting, and it’s so quiet in London I thought it a great way to start the year!" No real plan with this, freestyle freehand, playing around with some of the textural ideas I have been playing with lately”.

Street Artist Dan Kitchener new London mural

The mural has proved popular with the tourists visiting Brick Lane with visiting stopping to pose in front of Dan Kitchener's new mural.

Street Artist Dan Kitchener new London mural

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to catch up with the artist on this occasion at work on this piece as he had finished working on the wall when we stopped by to take some images of the vibrant new mural. If you want to check out the mural in person it can be found on Pedley Street, off Brick Lane in East London.

Street Artist Dan Kitchener new London mural

Kitchener also found some time to film the new mural going up and had put together this short film of him working on his first new London mural of 2020. Check out the film below.

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