Belgian Street Artist Jaune hits the streets of London

Belgian Street Artist Jaune's stencil work on Brick Lane, London

We were first introduced to the work of Belgian street artist and urban interventionist, Jonathan Pauwels aka Juane on a visit to the first edition of contemporary art festival The Crystal Ship in Oostende, Belgium back in 2016.

Jaune was among a number of national and international artists invited by festival curator Bjørn Van Poucke to take part in The Crystal Ship. Over the duration of the festival, Jaune installed over 35 of his street-level multi-layered stencil works featuring miniature sanitation workers.

Belgian Street Artist Jaune

“My work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in my humorous installations and paintings - an idea that was born from my own experience working in the profession"; says Jaune on his website about his characters.

Not only were we impressed by his use of multi-layered stencils to create the miniature works but also the high output from Jaune - each of the works we saw was different from the next with some of the works created for specific locations in the city.

Since we were introduced to his work we have been lucky to catch up with Jaune on a number of occasions since — later that same year at the NuArt Festival in Stavanger and again earlier this year at the 2017 edition of The Crystal Ship festival who invited him back for a second year. Following that we ran into him again on the streets of Aberdeen in Scotland for the first edition of the NuArt Aberdeen festival.

Belgian Street Artist Jaune stencil work on Brick Lane, London

Jaune in London 

Each time we caught up with the artist we would suggest he come to visit London and bring his miniature murals to the city, but for Jaune there were other projects and the timing was not right for him.

So after two years, we are delighted to finally see Jaune has made it London and graced the walls of East London with some of his mischievous stenciled characters. Jaune’s London visit coincided with this year's Moniker Art Fair where he was exhibiting a number of artworks with Thinkspace Gallery and we were happy to see he found time to install works on the streets.

Pictured are the London works we found by Juane, mostly in and around Brick Lane as this is where the art fair was held - not sure if we have found all the work from his visit, you never know if there is another piece hidden down some side street waiting to be found! If you think we’ve missed any, please do let us know!

Belgian Street Artist Jaune stencil work on Brick Lane, London

Hanging out on the corner of Brick Lane and Buxton street with these two stencil guys by artist Jaune.

Belgian Street Artist Jaune stencil work on Brick Lane, London

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Belgian Street Artist Jaune stencil work on Sclater Street, London

Colour matching on Sclater Street, just off Brick Lane with this stencil work by street artist Jaune.

Belgian Street Artist Jaune stencil work on Brick Lane, London

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