Taking over the Streets With Stencil Artist Jaune

Brussels-based stencil artist Jaune (Previously on Hookedblog) is back for a second year at the Crystal Ship Festival(Previously on Hookedblog) which took place last week in the coastal town of Ostend, Belgium. The inaugural edition of the festival saw Hookedblog visit Ostend to cover the festival and it during this edition that we were first introduced to Jaune's work.

Tired of seeing far too many lazy street artists in London using the same one colour stencil over and over again across the city, we were instantly impressed with Jaune's multi-layered miniature stencils which featured the mischievous adventures of his army of sanitation workers right across the city. Over the duration of the festival, the artist installed some 35 stencilled interventions in Ostend, each and every one different from the last with many of the works site specific.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with the artist again in September 2016 while in attendance at the NuArt festival in Stavanger, Norway. During our visit to Stavanger, we were invited to accompany Jaune on one of his many stencil missions and featured him on the site installing some of his Norweigan work for the festival.


Close up detail of this cheeky dude abseiling down the shop window, checking out what going on in this space before it opens!


The above piece in context, you really need to keep your eyes open and look around as you travel through Ostend or you might these works.

Street Artist Jaune at work 

Back for another wave in Ostend with his signature sanitation workers, Jaune spent last week adding a new collection of works to the some 35 interventions he sprayed on the cities walls last year.

Now back for another wave in Ostend with his signature sanitation workers,  Jaune has added to the 35 interventions he sprayed on the cities walls last year, continuing his transformation of the cities streets into his own personal museum. Below are a collection of his 2017 additions to Ostend plus a few bonus works from 2016 that we only just discovered on this trip.





The completed multi-layered stencil outside the VOGUE shop featuring these three miniature characters.





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Jaune on Instagram — @Jaune_art

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