The Street Art of Fred Le Chevalier in London

It would appear French street artist Fred le Chevalier has revisited London sometime in the last few days while we were away travelling. We have returned to London from Belgium to discover a number of small and medium-sized paste-up's from the Paris-based street artist dotted around Shoreditch, London.

We were first introduced to the prolific artists work on one of our trips to Paris when were visiting to check out some of the cities street art. Le Chevalier is pretty up in Paris, we encountered his work right across the city from the small single paste-ups such as those that have gone up in London to the life-sized larger multi poster works it's pretty difficult actually to go to Paris and not see at least one of the artist's works on your travels. Have a look at the London series we have photographed below, and if we missed any let us know the locations in the comments section below.






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Fred Le Chevalier on Instagram — @fredlechevalier

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