England-London-StreetArt Paste-ups in Shoreditch

The first few months of the year continue to see a boom in London street artists hitting East London with street art paste-ups. 

With Spring equinox just around the corner and our days slowly getting brighter we are starting to see more and more artists emerge from their studios after the winter months with buckets of glue and their posters be they hand painted, screen printed, or digitally printed!

We have already been sharing some of the paste-ups we have been photographing in and around East London, over the last few months including the vibrant portrait paste-ups by French street artist Manyoly, a striking new series of paste-ups by London-based Ant Carver, Street Artists Aida Wilde, Donk And Zombiesqueegee have also been super busy hit the streets of London. 
We also shared the street artwork of Chicago-based street artist Don’t Fret who installed some large-scale hand-painted posters during his London visit in January.

London street art paste-ups in Shoreditch

For this post we wanted to feature a selection of some of the other street artists whose work we have been capturing with our camera, you can, of course, see all the artists work mentioned above on the blog by clicking through the various posts. 

Our regular readers will, of course, recognize some of the street artists featured in this London street art collection as a number of them frequently appear on Hookedblog and on our Hookedblog Instagram account.

Check out our selection of London paste-ups below which features the work of street artists Manyoly, Ace London , Vinnie Nylon, Veil, Donk, Tone, RxSkulls, C3, D7606, City Kitty, Reuben Danger, and Minty.

French Street Artist Manyoly paste-ups in Shoreditch, London

French Street Artist Manyoly

One in a series of colorful hand-painted portraits that went up on the streets over December with many of them currently still visible. 

The striking portraits are the work of French street artist Manyoly who is based out of Marseille, France. We recently featured her recent series of London street art paste-up work on Hookedblog- follow the link below to see more from this street artist.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups on Fournier Street

A wall of paste-ups on these double wooden doors at 33 Fournier Street located just off Brick Lane, London. Featuring the work of multiple street artists including Donk London, Ace, Manyoly, Vinnie Nylon, and more. 

The doors are ever changing and no visits are ever the same with new street art getting added on a regular basis.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by street artist ACE

London street artist ACE

A Hookedblog regular, London-based street artist ACE is ever-present on the streets of East London adorning unloved doorways and back streets with his hand-screen printed pop-inspired street art paste-ups.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by artist D7606 and City Kitty

Street Artist's City Kitty & D7606

We are not sure who created the striped top paste-up pictured above, should you know the street artist's name pop it in the comments section before and we will update the post.

The other piece in this photo is a collaborative paste-up between New York-based City Kitty and UK street artist D7606 located on Erza Street just off East London's famous Columbian Road Flower Market.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by street artist Tone

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by street artist Tone

Street Artist Tone

Leeds-based street artist Tone recently visited London and installed a number of large-scale black and white paste-ups up around the neighborhood.

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England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups

Unknown Artist?

Unknown street artist, paste-up was photographed in the Seven Star Yard car park just off Brick Lane, should you know who the street artist is please let us know in the comments section below.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by RX SKULL

Street Artist Rx Skulls

The work of Portland-based street artist, Rx Skulls (ARREX), is one of the many pieces the artist installed while in London for a pop-up show at Dalston Gallery Space BSMT.

England, London, Shoreditch paste-ups by street artist C3

UK Street artist C3

Hand-drawn paste-ups from UK street artist C3 featuring one of her signature red-headed female characters on Grimsby Street, London.

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