Stencil artists Jana & JS Hit The Streets Of London

A series of new stencil pieces have been appearing around East London over the last week or so and this afternoon we managed to find some time to hit the streets and see what we could find. After a wander around Shoreditch we discovered three of the impressive multi layered stencil pieces presented here. We are unsure if there are more of these new works from duo Jana & JS (Previously on Hookedblog), an Austrian and French artist couple but we will keep you updated if we find anything else.

The two stencil artists have both been in town all week making preparations for their solo show with Stolen Space Gallery titled 'Inner World' which opened to the public Friday July 8th and ran until the 31st July 2016. The exhibition at the gallery has now closed but the artists stencil works are still visible on the streets of East London for those of you wanted to see their street work


This multi layered stencil piece featuring the artists themselves is hidden away off Brick Lane on a narrow lane way that runs parallel to Code Street.


This beauty is hanging out on the corner of Fashion Street and Brick Lane, just a short distance from Stolen Space Gallery where the artists had their solo show.


This third street art stencil piece from the French duo is located again just of Brick Lane on Quaker Street.

Jana & JS on Instagram— @janaundjs

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