Ben Slow and Jana&JS

A series of new multi layered stencil pieces and paste-ups have been appearing around East London over the weekend and yesterday Hookedblog managed to find so time to capture some of these new works we spotted. The work is that of duo Jana & JS, an Austrian and French couple currently living in Salzburg, Austria. We last saw some work from the artists here in London back in May of last year (covered here) when the two left some beautiful stencil pieces featuring themselves in many of the works. Nearly all but one of these pieces have been removed or painted over so we are happy to see some of their work appearing on the streets again.

Alongside the new works the artists have also teamed up for a collaborative piece with London artist Ben Slow who we caught up with yesterday as he worked on his self-portrait which will join Jana and JS's finished stencil portraits. Ben was still working on the mural when we took these photos, so check back with us soon for the completed mural as well as some of the other works Jana & JS works.

Ben Slow and Jana&JSBen Slow and Jana&JS Ben Slow and Jana&JS Ben Slow and Jana&JS

Jana & JS on Instagram— @janaundjs

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