Hijacked Billboards with Fake Movie Poster by Street Artist Mobstr

Mobster, Hijacked Billboard, London.

East London based street artist Mobstr has stepped us his output of street works of late, we have seen a number of of hijacked billboard takeovers from the artist already this year. Back in February the artist replaced not one but four billboard sites next to each other in West London with the message 'BUY MORE POINTLESS STUFF' as pictured below. Mobstr also hit up some sites in East London with a poster that appeared to be mocking the Hollywood movie industry with his 'LOADS OF ACTION, PREDICTABLE STORYLINE' hijacked movie billboard (Previously on Hookedblog).
A photo posted by Hookedblog (@hookedblog) on

A photo posted by Hookedblog (@hookedblog) on

Yesterday we discovered a second hijacked East London billboard site from Mobstr who is know for these sorts of text based interventions. Following on from the previous fake Action movie poster this new text based work sees him focus his attention to the Hollywood Love Story. This new poster from the artist, a combination of stencil and handprinted letters reads 'SAME OLD STEROTYPES IN A CLICHÉ LOVE STORY', OUT IN CINEMA SOON'.

Mobster, Hijacked Billboard, London. Mobster, Hijacked Billboard, London.

As with the previous poster Mobstr has ensured his hijacked billboard posters have that authentic vibe, this 'SAME OLD STEROTYPES IN A CLICHÉ LOVE STORY' movie poster includes reviews with over the top captions that read "Mind Blowing" — Total Fiction, "Heart-Stopping" — Unreal Reviews "He's Done It Again" — Fabricated Times and "*****" — Another One.

The artist has taken it one step further and created his own version of the small print, which most people never read! On this occasion we have read the small print and Mobstrs version reads as follows: Mobstr productions in association with Mobstr entertainment presents a cliche movie. Directed by: Someone with no imagination. Story by: Someone writing the same old shit. Screenplay by: A Machine. Based on the Novel by: Didnt’t We cover this already? Co-Produced by: Bored People. 3D Visual Effects by: Filling up space to make this look authentic.

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