Artist Mobstr Hijacked Billboard, London

East London-based street artist Mobstr returns to the streets of London with new work that appears to be mocking the Hollywood movie industry.

Know for his text-based interventions the artist's latest work sees him hijacking an East London billboard with the stenciled work pictured above. We are all familiar with the kind of big-budget movies the artist is mocking in his work - the reboots, prequels, sequels, the unoriginal average movies that we all secretly love to watch 'LOADS OF ACTION, PREDICTABLE STORYLINE' as Mobstr puts it.

Artist Mobstr Hijacked Billboard, London


Ensuring his hijacked billboard poster has that authentic vibe,  this 'Loads Of Action' movie poster includes five-star reviews with over-the-top captions that read "Stunning", "Wow, Just Wow" and "Changed My Live". The artist has taken it one step further and created his own version of the small print, which most people never read! On this occasion we have read the small print and Mobstrs version reads as follows:

Mobstr Productions in association with Mobstr Entertainment presents a cliche movie. Directed by: Someone with no imagination. Story by: Someone writing the same old shit. Screenplay by: A Machine. Based on the Novel by Didnt’t We cover this already? Co-Produced by: Bored People. 3D Visual Effects by: Filling up space to make this look authentic.

Artist Mobstr Hijacked Billboard, London

Passersby were bemused as to why we were standing in the middle of a busy road taking photos of a billboard!

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