Bristol Street Art

The Lost Souls

Hookedblog left London for a few days to hit up Bristol for a weekend, to catch among other things the Beau Staton 'Tenebras Lux' exhibition in the city (covered here). In between hanging out at the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist (the exhibition location) and sampling some of the cities ciders and beers (St Austel's KOREV Cornish Lager was a new one for us), we managed to capture some classic street art pieces as well as a few new additions to the city from The Lost Souls and Mr Penfold on our visit. Some of the older street art murals still running included a number of pieces from See No Evil 2012 event, such as the ROA, Nick Walker & Sheone, Conor Harrington and Pixel Pancho works pictured below.

Pixel PanchoPixel Pancho NIck Walker and SheoneNick Walker and SheoneROAROA Conor Harrington Conor Harrington UnknownUnknownPhlegm Phlegm Mr Penfold Mr.Penfold.
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