Hookedblog spotted a flash of colour yesterday while sat on the number 25 bus heading down Whitechapel Road and suspected it might be the Malarky and  Billy painted truck we previous posted. As we had our camera with us, we figured we would grab a photo of it and jumped off the bus at the next stop. The flash of colour we had seen, turned out to be a new freshly painted Box truck panel by Malarky and Cambridge based artist Mr. Penfold. The Malarky and Billy piece we previously mentioned was painted on the opposite side of the same truck.(see photo below)

Later that evening we bumped into Malarky again on Brick Lane along with Mr.Penfold, who pointed us in the direction of the wall piece above which they had just finished on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane. We don't mean to keep posting about these guys buy they're really on fire at the moment, Box trucks, walls, shutters and rooftops, all in the space of a few days! Plus it's great to see such vibrant colours on the street again as we head into Spring here in London.We look forward to seeing more work from these guys in the coming months.

Malarky and Mr. Penfold

Mr. Penfold

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