C215 's Clowder of Cats


French stencil artist C215 aka Christian Guémy has been hitting the streets of East London hard since the start of the year. The artist has visited the city a number of times since January, leaving a series of new stencils works on each occasion. We have already featured some of C215's previous multi-layered London stencil pieces from his first visit back in January. Alongside the artists elaborate portrait stencil work the last two months has seen the addition of several pieces featuring domestic cats! As we have so many requests from our cat loving readers we thought we would share our photos featuring these furry creatures.

C215C215 C215 C215C215 C215 C215 C215
With a little help from one of or regular readers we managed to find and photograph this super cute kitten stencil from C215, sat on a letterbox. We believe it is the final cat piece from his most recent series, but with the artist due another visit to London we expect we will be seeing more of these felines on his return. We will keep you posted! C215

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