The King's Land Mural Project

Nazir Tanbouli

Last week saw Hookedblog head up to Haggerston to catch up with Nazir Tanbouli and his assistant Rita working on The King's Land Mural Project. The Egyptian born artist moved into the Kingsland Estate off Kingsland Road in 2011 and set up his studio/gallery(Studio75) on the East London estate.

The eight blocks of semi derelict flats are due to be demolished later in the year and replaced with new homes. A large portion of the estate is depopulated and bricked up but there are still tenants living there awaiting rehousing. Having had a positive response from the local community to a mural the artist painted on the exterior wall of his studio, Nazir approached the building owners L&Q Housing Association with the idea of extending the mural project in an effort to liven up the area for the remaining tenants.

Nazir Tanbouli

The Housing Association agreed to support the urban art installation and granted Nazir permission to extend the project across all eight blocks on the estate. The King's Land Mural Project has seen the artist creating a series of large scale hand painted posters which have been pasted up directly onto the blocked up windows of a number of the blocks. The artist has been working flat out and several mural have already been completed with plans to have murals on all the building by the Queen’s Jubilee in the summer before all the blocks get demolished. Hookedblog will be checking in again on the project and bringing you additional photos as the work progresses on the project. Below are a selection of photographs we captures of just some of the murals that are on display.

Nazir TanbouliNazir Tanbouli Nazir TanbouliNazir Tanbouli Nazir Tanbouli Nazir Tanbouli Nazir TanbouliNazir Tanbouli The artist Nazir Tanbouli and Rita at work above and below taking a break to posse for the camera. Nazir Tanbouli Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for additional photos and news.


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