Ben Eine mural for Shelter


Earlier in the week we caught up with Ben Eine hitting up the walls of East London's Village Underground with a piece in support of Shelter's campaign Home For Londoners

"The campaign says that London is the best city in the world. But our housing is in crisis. There’s a desperate shortage of affordable homes for Londoners. We’re priced out of home ownership and we’re competing to rent run-down properties for astronomical prices. London’s next Mayor will get new powers to fix our housing. We say: London’s housing deserves the same commitment as London’s transport. We’ve got Transport for London. Now the Mayor must create Homes for London."

EineBen EineThe finished wall 'Home Sweet Home Less' above and below is a timelapse put together by Abbie Brandon of Eine painting the wall.



Matias A Madrid said...

whats the song played?

hookedblog said...

 Hi Matias
not sure what the song. Suggest you post a message on the comments section of the vimeo wall and ask Abbie who filmed the clip.

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