Phlegm — Hackney Wick

We were visiting friends in Hackney Wick yesterday and we spotted this new piece from Sheffield based artist Phlegm just across the canal from the 2012 Olympic Stadium. We are assuming the piece is relatively new as we haven't seen any pictures of it online yet. Unfortunately there was a van parked right in front of the piece and we were unable to grab a clean shot of the full wall.

We have also just spotted this timelapse video which the artist has posted online. It has been shot and editied by Andy Skillen and featuring a wall Phlegm painted a few weeks back in Sheffield.

See some of Phlegm's other street work that we have previous posted on Hookedblog here and here.



airplays said...

There's pics up on Phlegm's site.

hookedblog said...

cheers for that.

Anonymous said...


hookedblog said...

We have no idea who the song is by, we have messaged Andy who put the video together to see if he can help.

hookedblog said...

Word back from Andy:

Song is Mirando by Ratatat

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