Kid Acne x Phlegm Sheffield Street Art

Back in December Sheffield Street Artist Kid Acne was invited to paint the entrance wall of APG works in Sheffield covering the wall with his repeat hair-like patterns. Earlier this month they also invited Sheffield street artist Phlegm to add some work to the wall Kid Acne had painted.

Making use of the rusty old electrical and fuse boxes on the wall, the artist turned them into a city of buildings all balancing on the back of one of his mournful looking carry giants.

Kid Acne x Phlegm Sheffield Street Art
If you're in Sheffield make sure you stop by and have a look.

APG | 16-20 Sidney Street | Sheffield | S1 4RH

Also worth a look is Phlegm's newest mural in Rotherham, photos of which can be viewed over on the Unurth website.

Photos: Phlegm
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