Street Art in East London — 10

Pedro Matos_©2010 mark rigneyA few newish pieces snapped around East London today. Great to see this large scale hand drawn piece on the street pictured above, from Portuguese artist Pedro Matos.
T.wat_©2010 mark rigney
Also pictured are pieces from T.wat, Umin, Nathan Bowman near the Shoreditch High Street station and more from Bastardilla. We keep seeing her bird tags everywhere now on our travels!
Umin_©2010 mark rigneyUmin

Nathan Bowman_©2010 mark rigneyNathan Bowen

Bastardilla_©2010 mark rigneyBastadilla



SKIZO said...

Tank you for sharing

Mo said...

Great blog.

shafiur said...

Oooh not like you to make a mistake Mark - Bowen is the surname. Not Bowman.

hookedblog said...


Cheers for that sir.

UMIN said...

Really good blog! Thanks for the picture

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