London Street Art Walking Tours

London Street Art Walking Tours

The 'Hookedblog Street Art Walking Tour' offers Londoners and tourists alike the opportunity to see another side of the East End of London.

London Street Art Walking Tours

Join our experienced tour guide as we journey the streets of Old Street, Shoreditch, and the Brick Lane areas which are often seen as the epi-center for Street Art, not only in London but in the UK.

The ever-changing nature of London's street art means that no two tours will be the same as new works go up on a weekly if not daily basis.

During the London Street Art walking tour, we will encounter street artworks from well-known artists such as London based Ben Eine, D*Face, Stik, French street artists Invader and C215, Belgium street artist Roa, New York-based street artist Swoon, Irish artist Conor Harrington and Bortusk Leer to name a few.

London Street Art Walking Tours with Hookedblog

The 2 1/2 hour experience will begin outside Old Street Underground Station (Northern Line) and the walking tour will finish up outside Liverpool Street Station (Central Line). Should you wish to reserve a place on the tour please email

Next Tour Dates

The start time for all Saturday tours is 1pm. Times on Tuesday are flexible, please email for more details. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Should these dates, not suit and you want a private tour please send us an email and will try and arrange it.(Minimum 2 people)

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Hookedblog no longer runs London Street Art Tours, should you wish to take a London street art walking tour in Shoreditch or Brick Lane we recommend either Alternative London or Shoreditch Street Art Tours both of whom run excellent daily tours of the Shoreditch area.

London Street Art Walking Tours with Hookedblog

Where to find Street Art in Brick Lane, London?

If you are visiting London and you want to see some Shoreditch and Brick Lane Street Art but don't fancy taking a guided tour, you can click through to our post below.

Feel free to take a look at our Hookedblog Street Art Tour of Brick Lane blog post which will guide you with locations and a google map to the key street art hotspots in the neighborhood where you are guaranteed to see some of the freshest street art along with some of the long-running classic London murals. Where there is street art you will also find stickers plastered over the nearby street furniture.

If you have missed out on Hookedblog's previous editions of the Stick It Up: Shoreditch Street Art Sticker features, we have included links below to some of the earlier editions.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. We have sent you an email

Charlotte said...

We would like to say a massive thank you for the tour today. We had such a great time and learnt a lot - especially to open our eyes a little more when walking around in future!

Jan said...

Thanks for the tour on Monday - it was really good & so informative. Your knowledge of it all is brilliant.

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. I'll probably come along again & bring some friends as I have been telling them all about it!

Thanks again

Rodney said...

Thanks again for the tour today- we couldn't possibly have had a more informed and friendly guide, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The art was amazing, and I think it safe to say that I'll never walk down a city street in quite the same way again!

Nicole Z. said...

Thank you again for the walking tour. now I see even more while walking around.

Dan said...

Thanks again - we all really enjoyed it.

Best wishes.

Willa said...

Thank you for the fabulous tour! I had a lovely time and can't wait to recommend it to all my friends.

Anonymous said...

I can do street art tours for free! I did street art myself and cannot believe you charge so much (whoever you are)

I know not only about the artists, but also the places, the stories... ohh.. should i continue!

Moreover, these days there are not that many 'active' spots in the area you offer to investigate. Eh!

Anonymous said...

Unless you have the ability to make the blind see again this tour is completely pointless. Learn your own history, there is no 2 step program to street art.

Sell out.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the tour yesturday, we thoroughly enjoyed it and I will recommend it to friends.

Julie A said...

Thanks again for yesterday's tour it was brilliant.

Matty said...

I've been on this walk twice now and it's really great. Mark really knows his stuff and can show you not just tons of amazing street art but also tell you the stories behind them all. He even brought me a bag of stickers as he knew it was my birthday on the day of the walk - what a dude.

Sjarel van Antwerpen said...

Thanks for the really interesting tour. I would recommend it to anybody who wants a trip into the world of street art.

Jo said...

I went on Saturday - what a fantastic tour! So much to see and a great guide. Highly recommended.

Tijs said...

Thank you Mark for the wonderfull tour you gave us! We really had a great time and learned a lot about the art! I tell it to all my friends and keep an eye on hookedblog!


Andy blessed said...

I'm a student at Ability doing a documentary on "Graffiti is it Art" as my "Video Production" for my course. I need to know whether you can take a camcorder on a tour and if anyone's an artist who can be asked some simple questions or even to draw/ or paint something. 

Aaron Andy Douglas 07717620502


South East London

Martin said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the tour today really enjoyed it and found some streets and artworks I new nothing about. I will definately recommend your tour to others, your knowledge and passion for the art really shows through.Thanks again. Cheers,Martin 

EdwardSmith123 said...

The best way to see these are definitely on east end tours.

Ted Smith said...

i went on this tour it was awesome, i've seen so many cool pieces of art on street art and Brick Lane Tours they are great!