Grafik Warfare- Hazardous Waste

Grafik Warfare is an international collective of street artists and illustrators. To celebrate the launch of their new website the whole collective are exhibiting for the first time at the Graffik London Gallery in West London later this week.

Under the theme of ‘HAZARDOUS WASTE’ the artists will transform the gallery space into a “toxic waste dump” incorporating artwork including original canvas pieces, limited edition prints, black book sketches as well as boundary-pushing-mediums and installations typically associated with this unique graffiti crew. The colour palette for this show will be yellow, black, and white (including greyscales).

Artists taking part in the show include: Snub23 – Defacto – Hutch - Isthisyou? – FarkFK –Mishfit – Foundry – DeLarge – Sinna – Germ - The Lover – OrticaNoodles – LukeDaDuke - Orco – Farm – Asboluv – Leeks – Stickee – Eyesaw - Dan K - M Squires – Limbo - Avian Security – Mono - 14BOLT – 333

The show opens on Thursday 25th with a private view (Invite only) and will run until the 28th February with live painting events and charity auctions planned across the weekend in the venue. For date and times see the gallery website. To attend the buyers preview email names to

Graffik London Gallery | 284 Portobello Rd| London


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Anonymous said...

A friendly word of advice.....Looking at this line up of artists I really don't think they deserve to call themselves a graffiti crew in their press release.

They should know better, there is not a single proper writer in their whole line up, they are certainly not a 'graffiti crew' by any stretch of the imagination.

Posturing like this that fuels hatred of street art by writers and should be avoided at all costs, they are an urban art collective or whatever and should not try and front on graffiti's hard won cultural references to appear cool to buyers, people who do this often (rightly or wrongly)often end up getting their work destroyed.