DFACE BILLBOARDLooks like D*face had some new work up just before christmas which we missed. We are not sure if this "I Need A Riot" hand painted subvertisment, on a liberated East London billboard is still running as we have not seen any photos other than the ones which features on his D*Face website.



Anonymous said...

haven't seen that one. Looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a subversive Dflake is.

He paid a few hundred quid to hire the billboard space for a week or two off the the boards owners to put up another tired political statement that's been done a million times all the while sucking up to the same companies he decries and takes vast amounts money of vapid celebrities.

Wake up you gullible f****! Nothing to see here but some hypocrisy and recycled 10th hand ideas.

Anonymous said...

Well said moneygrubb!
I was just thinking a similar thing and didn't even know the space was paid for!

Anonymous said...

wack... tired of seeing the recycled cliches from this guy