Italian street artists Hunto And Mister Thoms in Shoreditch London. Photo ©Hookedblog

While taking a stroll around Shoreditch the other weekend we ran into Italian street artist Hunto and Mister Thoms aka Diego Della Posta, at work on a new collaborative mural.

Connectivity Matters Mural

The two street artists were nearing completion on the mural work when we caught up with them working across two sides of a large building just behind Great Eastern Street, on King John Court opposite the Village Underground wall.

Working with Global Street Art the two artists have painted a vibrant mural they have titled 'Connectivity Matters' and sees them connecting their individual styles and characters together on this collaborative mural work.
  Hunto And Mister Thoms - Shoreditch Street Art

Mister Thomas putting the finishing touches to his past of this collaborative mural with Hunto in Shoreditch, London. March 2018.

Hunto And Mister Thoms - Shoreditch Street Art

Hunto's circle of abstract portraits fill the frame of the photograph above while Mister Thoms puts the last few touches to his part of the collaborative mural on the other side of the building.

Hunto And Mister Thoms - Shoreditch Street Art

Hunto And Mister Thoms - Shoreditch Street Art

The completed mural by the two artists can be seen on King John Court opposite Village Underground in Shoreditch, London.

Since the two artists finished the wall on such a grey overcast day, we have returned to Shoreditch to take some additional pictures of the mural when the sun was out to really see those vibrant colours pop in the sunshine.

Shoreditch Street Art Mural by Italian artist Hunto And Mister Thoms.

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