Earlier this week Hookedblog caught up with screen printing posse Fatherless in Hackney Wick’s Stour Space for a sneak peak of their upcoming London exhibition Alternative Facts opening Thursday 6th April 2017.

Started in 2010, Fatherless is a print collective from Rockford, Illinois who have gained international attention with their print, installation and commission work using a lurid colour palette and bold graphic sense.

Who Are Fatherless

The members of Fatherless operate as a unit collaborating freely with each other’s ideas and imagery. This process does not reveal any individual artist or “father” but rather an amalgam of the whole. Each piece is a one off monoprint that will never be repeated. The collective power of the five individuals allows for a wide range of ambitious projects.

The Fatherless collective consist of artist Jarrod Hennis, Javier Jimenez, Greg Lang, Dave Menard and Londoner Ben Rider (Previously on Hookedblog).



"We make prints. Bold colourful silk-screen monoprints. As a group we try to push back against the constant barrage of imagery and frenzied sales pitches that compete for our attention everyday. Our process allows us to manipulate the manipulators through appropriation, satire and the democratic art of print. 

Our backgrounds in graphic art and commercial printing give us the tools we need to fight back against “our consumer driven, media saturated, disposable culture” through positive creative will. We are inspired by Sister Corita and Grandmaster Flash." — Fatherless








Exhibition Details

‘Alternative Facts’ exhibition launches with a private view Thursday 6th April with sponsorship from Pistonhead Lager, 7-10pm, free entry.

Opening Hours: 7th April-1st May, 9am-5pm daily, free entry.
Location: Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA


Fatherless on Instagram — @wearefatherless

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