Multi-coloured London mural by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel

Madrid based artist Okuda San Miguel (Previously on Hookedblog) touched down in London earlier this week ahead of his new solo show at East London gallery Stolen Space.

For his upcoming ‘Lost Olympus’ show the Spanish artist is set to offer us "a representation of the mythological idols and characters from ancient Greece as contemporary icons through his geometric structures, multi-colored patterns and dreamlike scenes as part of his continuous reflection of our contradictions, longings, intuitions, and beliefs." This new body of work sees OKUDA working with spray paint, embroidery and sculpture depicting deconstructed animals and bodies all in his instantly recognizable style.

Multi-coloured London mural by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel

Those of you, not some familiar with this Spanish artist or his work are sure to have seen one of his biggest projects to date which has been shared across the globe online.

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In 2015 Okuda took on the huge task of painting the inside of a former church as part of its transformation into an indoor public skate-park. See for yourself below, the results of the project were truly mesmerizing.

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Okuda San Miguel's work pictured above in the 100-year-old former Spanish church situated in “Llanera” Asturias, now a public skate park dubbed Kaos Temple.

Multi-coloured London mural by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel

With the ‘Lost Olympus’ show set to open to the public on 2 February 2017, Okuka took the opportunity to hit the streets of East London where he painted this vibrant multi-colored mural on Sclater Street in Shoreditch.

OKUDA Exhibition Details 

Location: StolenSpace Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD.
Exhibition dates : 03 February 2017 — 26 February 2017

OKUDA on Instagram— @okudart

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