We recently featured the work of Italian artist Illustre Feccia (Previously on Hookedblog) having discovered one of their artworks earlier this month. If you caught our previous post you will know that we have been following the artists work online for about a year after we were introduced to the work online via the subvertising organisation Special Patrol Group who have been reposting Illustre Feccia’s adbusting work on their Facebook page.

We have also begun to follow Illustre Feccia's Facebook page to keep upto date with the subvertising work as the artist would appear not to be on Instagram that we can see so if you want to see more of the artists work we suggest you do the same.

Due to the nature of the artists street works their lifespan is extremely short, the first poster we managed to photograph only lasted a couple of days before it was swapped out by the advertising company. It would appear luck is on our side as the piece pictured is the second work by the artist that we have been fortunate enough to spot on the street. We would share the location of the artwork but it is very unlikely to still be there by the time you are reading this post.

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Close up of some of the detail in Illustre Feccia's newest illustration work.

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