The Annual UK Blog Awards have rolled around again and Hookedblog is happy to share with you we have been nominated for the 2017 UK Blog Awards #UKBA17 by some of our readers, a big thank you for the nominations.

Hookedblog; Best Art & Culture Blog?

This is now the third year that we have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards which recognize a multitude of industry social media talent across the UK. Our 2015 and 2016 nominations saw the blog make it through the public vote both years, (thanks to all your votes) and we was one of ten blogs in the category shortlisted for the award. Hookedblog has been Highly Commended in this Art & Culture category for the last two years and this year we are hoping for a win!!

For this year's awards, Hookedblog has been nominated in two different categories of the 2017 UK Blog Awards: Art and Culture, and Photography. The 2017 UK Blog Awards are now open for public voting from 5th December - 19th December 2016 and we would very much appreciate your vote to get us through to the next stage. 

Once the Public Vote closes the top 10 Blogs from each category will be put forward to selected expert Industry Judges who will make the final decision on the overall winner.

As Hookedblog has been entered into two different categories you’ll see a drop-down menu here with three options where you can opt to vote for both of these from the same page or alternatively you can opt to vote for only one category entry either Art & Culture or Photography by selecting your preferred category.

If you are planning to vote for us obviously we would prefer if you selected the first Art & Culture and Photography option as this will count as two votes, one for each category.  To cast your vote you will be asked to enter your full name and email address. 

Vote for Hookedblog here.

Each voter will receive a confirmation email from the UK Blog Awards once your vote has been registered. You will be able to vote off any mobile device or desktop. Thank you all in advance for your votes for the 2017 UK Blog Awards: Wish us luck and stay tuned as we will keep you updated on our progress.

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