London Street Art 'MasterPeace' by Shok-1 on Fournier Street, London

London-based artist Shok-1 recently completed work on a new piece titled 'MasterPeace', which according to Shok-1 has been 'Painted in London in response to hostilities arising from the UK's EU referendum'.

London Street Art MasterPeace Mural

The latest artwork from the artist is located on Fournier Street, just off Brick Lane. This location has previously been painted by Shok-1 on a number of occasions over the years including his much loved 2013 piece 'Hearts & Minds' Mural(Previously on Hookedblog). Another saw him work on a collaborative piece with South London artist Remi Rough back in 2012 titled “Communication Accommodation Theory”.

Having perfected this translucent technique with his 'X-Rainbow' series (Previously on Hookedblog here & here) his recent works have seen him strip back the vibrant colours to an almost single colour while still managing to create some phenomenal x-ray style works portraying human bones such as the human handpiece pictured here which is looking incredibly accurate to us.

On closer inspection, you begin to see some of the subtle colours Shok-1 has used in addition to the white spray paint to create these impressive pieces. Have a look at some of the close-up shots below.

  Street Art 'MasterPeace' by Shok-1 on Fournier Street, London

Close-up detail shot of Shok-1's new MasterPeace Mural in London.

  Street Art 'MasterPeace' by Shok-1 on Fournier Street, London

Another detail shot of Shok-1's new work, which at first glance looks like it has been painted with just white spray paint but a closer look and you begin to see all the subtle colours he has used to achieve the transparent effect.

Street Art 'MasterPeace' by Shok-1 on Fournier Street, London

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Street Art 'MasterPeace' by Shok-1 on Fournier Street, London

The completed mural pictured above from Shok-1 on Fournier Street, in East London.

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