Shok-1 & Remi Rough

Having previously featured his striking X-Ray bones series, London artist Shok-1 returned to these gates on Fournier Street just off Brick Lane for a refresh, this time around collaborating with fellow London artist Remi Rough.

We love how both artists have combined their distinctive style together on these gates which along with a super vibrant colour palette really makes this piece jump out and grab you. The artists have titled the piece “Communication Accommodation Theory” which according to Remi Rough's blog "deals with how people adjust their forms of speech and communication depending on who they are communicating with".

The two artists are also set to feature in an upcoming group exhibition, 'Graffuturism' at The Soze Gallery in LA next month. More details on the show and a full line of of artists can be found on the Graffuturism website.

RemiRough & Shok-1 Shok-1 & Remi Rough Shok-1 & Remi Rough Shok-1 & Remi Rough

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