East London based street artist Mobstr stikes again with another hijacked billboard, this time altering UK fashion retailer Matalan's summer campaign with the simple addition of a thought bubble.

Mobstr who is know for these sorts of text based interventions has in the last few months been installing his own series of text based billboards mocking the Hollywood movie industry with fake movie posters complete with his own version of the small print and attention grabbing headlines such as 'LOADS OF ACTION, PREDICTABLE STORYLINE'(Previously on Hookedblog) and 'SAME OLD STEROTYPES IN A CLICHÉ LOVE STORY', OUT IN CINEMA SOON'. Back in February of this year the artist also replaced not one but four billboard sites next to each other in West London with the message 'BUY MORE POINTLESS STUFF'(Previously on Hookedblog).

For his latest intervention the artist has altered this fashion brands billboard pictured here with a message from the model suggesting that 'You'll never be as hot as us, no matter what bikini you buy'!


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