Hookedblog are currently in the beautiful coastal Belgium city of Ostend for the first edition of The Crystal Ship Festival, a contemporary street art festival with a focus on art in public space. The festival launched on the 28th March with artists painting until the 10th April 2016 in the city of Ostend. An all star line up of 25 international and national artists have descending on the city to create large scale murals and installations which will form an artistic trail right across Ostend.

We have been in town a few hours now and managed to get our bearing a little as to the layout of the city and most importantly where some of the artists are working. As the festival began on the 28th a number of artists have already completed works on their murals including Argentinean artist Elian(Previously on Hookedblog). Hookedblog last caught up with Elian back in July of last year when the artists was visiting London and found time to collaborated on an impressive mural on Hanbury Street with Alexis Diaz which we previously featured on the site here.


Now in Ostend the artist has completed his mural having worked over a number of days to create what he has titled “Exercise Of Anamorphosis #2”.

Of the finished mural Elain has said he is "Continuing my studies about Perspective, I perform this artwork in a two-sided building located on a corner in front of a playground and a square. This is the second exercise on the technique of anamorphosis."

"It is based on generating the effect of image construction, finding the exact point of view to be observed. This Space/Painting installation seeks to stimulate dialogue and intimacy with the spectator through observation."

As with some of the artists other works a simple geometric composition in a primary palette was chosen to facilitate the finding the exact spot where the work aligns and not to give unnecessary information.


He continues to say that, "If we observe the corner from other angles, you can appreciate the natural deformation of perspective and methodology to run on that specific site, the elements invade windows and moldings. Each angle has a different morphology. The exactly point of view is located 18mts. from the building, near the center of the square and at a height of 1 m. approximately, to make easier this process to children using the playground and having fun there."

If you are in Ostend you can find Elian's mural at the following location, Achturenplein, hoek Sint-Niklaasstraat. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you progress updates from Crystal Ship Festival while we are in town.

Artists taking part in this first edition of the Crystal Ship Festival include

1010 (DE) - AGOSTINO IACURCI (IT) - CYRCLE (US)(Previously on Hookedblog) -DISORDERLINE (B) - ELIAN (AR) - ELLA & PITR (FR) - EVERSIEMPRE (AR) - FAITH47 (SA)(Previously on Hookedblog) - FINTAN MAGEE (AU)(Previously on Hookedblog) - GUIDO VAN HELTEN (AU)(Previously on Hookedblog) - HERR SEELE (B) - JAUNE (B) - JAZ (AR)(Previously on Hookedblog) - LOCATELLI (B) - MISTER FIKSIT (B) - NOIR (B) - NUART PRESENTS BIANCOSHOCK (IT) & ISAAC CORDAL (ES) - PIXELPANCHO (IT)(Previously on Hookedblog) - POL COSMO (B) - ROBERT MONTGOMERY (UK) - ROA (B)(Previously on Hookedblog) - SIEGFRIED VYNCK (B) - SMATES (B) - ZIO ZIEGLER (US)

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