French Street artist C215's stencil work in Shoreditch, London

French stencil artists C215 aka Christian Guémy's work has been a regular fixture on the streets of East London going all the way back to 2008.

C215 Street Art in London

The artist has visited the city nearly every year for the last eight years installing a large number of works on each visit. Unfortunately, some of his street art pieces have been short-lived, often removed by the cities cleaning team, others stolen from the streets by so-called fans/art collectors, and some due to their location have been painted over.

But many of C215's works are still visible on the streets of London, in fact, a number of his stencil works from those early days have managed to survive and can still be seen today.

This February C215 is set to return to London for the launch of his most complete book to date of his work titled ‘C215: The Monograph’. Narrated and illustrated by the artist himself, the recently released publication will allow you private access to his world and follow his journey through the works he created in cities across the globe from London, Los Angeles, Marseille, Barcelona, Berlin, Brooklyn and many more!

The artist's signature “C215” monogram has been laser cut into the book cover which includes over 300 photographs of the artists' work. As an added bonus it comes with a detachable stencil at the end of the book should you want to paint some spray paint and try your hand and stenciling!

C215 - Shoreditch Street Art stencil work on Blackall Street

French Street artist C215's stencil work in Shoreditch, London

This stencil piece pictured above we shot in 2008 back when C215 worked predominantly in black and white is still running today almost 8 years after we first took the picture which for an ephemeral art form is a lifetime. The piece can be seen on Blackall Street in East London.

French Street artist C215's stencil work on Bacon Street

This other long-running stencil work by the artist is still visible on a doorway on the corner of Brick Lane and Bacon Street.

French Street artist C215's stencil work in Shoreditch, London

‘C215: The Monograph’ will be launched at East London's StolenSpace Gallery on the 18th of February from 6pm. The artist will be present at the gallery for the launch signing copies of his new book. C215 will also mark the occasion by releasing a new screenprint that will be available in two colorways and exclusively available at 'the Monograph' book launch and online via StolenSpace.

StolenSpace Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, E1 6TD London.

If you missed the opening you can pick up a copy of the French street artists' book  "C215: The Monograph" on Amazon.

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