LM7 & Jimmy C

We last caught up with South American artist Luis Seven Martins, aka L7M late last year on a bitterly cold London evening. The artist was braving the winter weather and was working on a mural in Islington, creating one of his signature expressive bird artworks that has come to be associated with the artist. On that visit to city the artist was working with our friends at Pigment London and The Real Art of Street who assisted the artist in locating the wall in Islington.

The artist has been travelling through Europe in recent weeks and took the time to stop in London again. On this visit L7M teamed up with Australian London based street artist Jimmy C, aka James Cochran to create a collaborative mural fusing the two artists distinctive styles together. The new mural painted  last week is location a short walk from Bethnal Green Station on a wall hooked up by the Hidden Streets of London.

  LM7 & Jimmy CLM7 & Jimmy CLM7 & Jimmy C

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