French graffiti artist Tilt installation in Stavanger, Norwary

Hookedblog was lucky enough to attend the 2014 edition of the NuArt Festival in Stavanger, Norway, if you missed our coverage of the festival you can read about our adventure here

French graffiti artist TILT

We also covered some of the murals and street art over two blog posts that we shot on the streets of Stavanger, which has now become one of the global street art hotspots (Stavanger, Norway: A Street Art Hot Spot Part 01 & Part 02).

One of this year's invited artists to NuArt was graffiti artist Tilt, originating from Toulouse in the South of France. Alongside his outdoor mural work for the festival, Tilt produced the second edition of his 'Panic Room' installation at NuArt exhibition space TOU Scene.

French graffiti artist Tilt installation in Stavanger, Norwary

On this visit, Tilt was joined at NuArt by Producer Kenichi Yamamura and Director Shinsuke Tatsukawa who shadowed the artist while he created his indoor and outdoor work for the festival. 

We briefly meet the camera crew in the early hours on our last night in Stavanger, at one of the Gin after-parties at the hotel we were all staying at, before they whisked Tilt off for one final interview. The team recently finished their short film on Tilt and have shared it online.You can watch the short film below:

Director Shinsuke Tatsukawa
Producer Kenichi Yamamura
Camera Shinsuke Tatsukawa, Masashi Nagara, Kenichi Yamamura

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