Hookedblog called out to a Hackney Wick studio to catch up with Mexican artist Pablo Delgado and London based Hong Kong artist HIN as they were putting the finishing touches to their contributions for the upcoming group show Consequences.

Following a successfully funded Kickstarter, "Consequences" will be the first event of Alessia De Pasquale's Qabinet Project. The forthcoming exhibition set to open at East London's Hoxton Gallery will showcase unique art collaborations between 10 international street artists who include 2501, Broken FIngaz, EMA, HIN, MILLO, Ozmo, Pablo Delgado, Pakal, Run, Zio Ziegler.


Her project researches the importance of sharing, questioning how we relate to each other in the current digital era, where technology has become a substitute for face-to-face conversations. She says "Everyone around me was constantly on a device, and that made me realise how much the way we share has changed; I felt many conversations were replaced by the digital entertainment that technology offers us. Acknowledging social media as the biggest sharing platform, I started to question how we can reconnect with sharing in the physical world".

Inspired by the urban environment of East London where she has lived for almost a decade, she felt that street art has become one of the most dynamic and democratic form of sharing in the physical space, whilst it is simultaneously using the digital space as a platform for sharing with communities worldwide, finally finding a balance between the physical and digital realm making the most of both forms of interaction. "It's all down to how we use technology, and how we can make the most of it without losing ourselves".

Using this as a point of departure, Alessia had the idea of inviting 10 international street artists to gather under the same roof in London to collaborate on something unique. She gave them a framework for creating a series of works in collaboration, based on the old paper "game of consequences".

HIN_HOOKEDBLOG_1332_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYHOOKEDBLOG_1295_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYPekal_HOOKEDBLOG_1307_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEYRUN_HOOKEDBLOG_1306_PHOTO_©2014_MARK_RIGNEY The artworks which will be exhibited saw two or more artists working across both paper and wood pieces, with each creating a piece of work and passing it on to the next artist who would add to the work without having seen what the previous artist had created. Each of the sections were covered as each new artist added their contribution to the work and it will only be when all sections are complete that the final pieces will be revealed at the exhibition opening.

If you missed the Kickstarter you can watch the video below:

Private View: 11th October, from 7pm
Exhibition opens 12th — 19th October 2014.
Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA
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